Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Senate OKs Border Fence, Backs Citizenship

May 17 3:40 PM US/Eastern

The Senate endorsed a chance at citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants Wednesday but also voted to build 370 miles of triple- layered fencing along the Mexican border in increasingly emotional debate over election-year immigration legislation.

Taken together, the votes gave fresh momentum to legislation that closely follows President Bush's call for a major overhaul of the nation's troubled immigration system.

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At Thu May 18, 01:52:00 PM 2006, Blogger AubreyJ said...

It's a start!!!
Good work Ladies and Gentlemen...

At Tue May 23, 10:05:00 AM 2006, Blogger bjlynch said...

The McCain/Kennedy bill that is so biased toward illegal aliens, I believe it must have been written by the Hispanic Caucus. Now they want to rush this pro-illegal immigration bill through to ram down voters' throats

Voters have NOT been told that S2611 permits illegals to collect Social Security on wages they earned illicitly despite that illegals pay into Social Security by stealing someone's ID causing a legal citizen much expense and hardship. A Senator testified about a constituent victim of identity theft from an illegal alien who caused the victim's SS record to be so fouled up, SSA said they couldn't tell who paid which amounts on the SS number, and they could only delete the victim's entire work record forcing him start over.

Illegals will be entitled to full rights of citizens before becoming citizens including entitlement to Earned Income Tax Credit on fraudulent wages. This one item was estimated will cost about $29 billion. Other rights are better than for citizens who will have to pay the bills, i.e. illegals will be required to pay only three of five years back taxes owed. How would you like to tell IRS that you will pay only three of five years taxes owed?

They are to be fined $2,000—"chump change" as one senator called it "when they may've paid five times that to get into the U.S." —yet they will not be required to pay it before eight years have passed.

Voters believe that to become citizens illegals must learn English but they are merely required to enroll in a class. Who ever learned by simply enrolling without having to pass a test?

Proponents of S2611 insist illegals must have lived in the U.S. more than five years to apply for citizenship. But they only have to sign a blank paper declaring they lived here that long, no other proof. If this bill is enacted, instead of 12 million, 30 million illegals could declare they lived here more than five years. Why would people who have already broken our laws say they lived here less if no proof is required? These illegals will become eligible for a green card that permits them to bring their extended families and the extended families' families to the U.S. This chain migration could raise the total to 100 million or more additional immigrants—one-third our present population—in addition to 200,000 workers yearly.

These 200,00 temporary workers are actually permanent because it provides for their citizenship. With half the world aspiring to come to the U.S., this will NOT deter those who are unwilling to wait their turn in line. Nor is President Bush serious about securing our border with only 6,000 unarmed Guard for engineering support when we need 30,000 armed troops to protect it.

Senator Feinstein is introducing an amendment (which she admitted has the support of the Hispanic Caucus) requiring border security enforcement work in cooperation with Mexican officials. Illegals here as of 1/1/06 are to be given an orange card—some kind of illegal transit status—which will require background checks including fingerprinting by Homeland Security within 90 days. One senator argued this impossible task will encourage rubber-stamping approval instead of actual background checks.

There is no compromise with this bill. Amendments introduced to correct inanities including one that that would have prohibited the implementation of any guest worker program until Homeland Security has certified that the border security provisions are fully funded and operational—either failed to pass or were negated with countering amendments by pervicacious senators.

Neither the impact nor cost has been thought through, although the Heritage Foundation said this legislation will impact the U.S. as much as Social Security and Medicare. No legislation is better than bad legislation. Voters should urge their congressmen to oppose this pro-illegal immigration bill.


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