Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Urgent: The best news on the immigration debate this week

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The best news on the immigration debate this week did not come from the President in his speech to the nation on Monday (although he did include his strongest support to date for a fence in his remarks). The best news is that Senator Sessions (R-AL) will introduce an amendment to the Senate Immigration Bill that will call for over 700 miles of triple fencing and vehicle barriers -- and that Senate Majority Leader Frist will support the Sessions amendment!

Here are the basic details, taken from an email from Senator Frist:

"One such amendment that will be introduced by Senator Jeff Sessions would meet the demand for real fencing, constructing an additional 370 miles of triple-layered fencing and 500 miles of vehicle barriers along the areas of our border with Mexico that are most often used by smugglers and illegal aliens. This fencing is to be constructed immediately and will be completed within two years of the passage of this border security legislation. This fencing mileage, combined with provisions in the bill on the Senate floor that authorize other technologies asked for by the border patrol to keep our borders fully surveyed so they can intercept those who cross the border as quickly as possible, will go far to enhancing our border security and keeping America safer. I strongly support this amendment."

Please call your senator immediately at both Washington and District offices to urge support for this amendment!!!

Please let me know what reaction you get, if any.

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Colin A. Hanna, President
Let Freedom Ring, Inc. (sponsor of

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At Thu May 18, 03:00:00 AM 2006, Blogger kathy martinez said...

i support anything we can do to make sure these people can't get into owr country,they are effecting me in so many bad ways,ways like,insurance,emergency rooms,hit and runs,traffic,we take care of all the babies these people keep having,over crowed freeways,stores,parks streets hospitals jobs,these people don't speak english,they are racist against americans,look at crime,these people can't be trusted, we don't need them and we don't want them here,illegal is illegal,bottom line,a crime has be committed so what are we telling owr kinds that its alright to do anything we want that is illegal as long as we don't get caught??????

At Thu May 18, 03:05:00 AM 2006, Blogger kathy martinez said...

lets all americans work together and get owr country back,are you ready to fight,lets make a stand and stick together,lets get the illegals out and build that wall now. yes we need a fence and we need it now and most of all we need to work together.

At Tue Jun 12, 09:08:00 PM 2007, Blogger Gloria said...

I believe anyone who does not support a fence being built to be the true terrorists of our country today. Big business and our current administration do not care about the American people anymore and that's a fact. I can guarantee the people of this country this will create a civil war which will pale in comparison to anything we have seen before. When people's livelihoods are on the line you will see more and more people come out to march. Terrorists are crossing right along with the Mexicans and we know it. They are ruining everything we have here and still we cater to them.


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