Monday, October 03, 2005

Ask our Leaders to Secure our Borders Immediately

This is the text of our petition, which you can access by clicking the link above.

Please Act to Secure Our Borders Immediately:

Illegal immigration into the United States is out of control, particularly across our southern border. Several members of Congress and Governors have declared states of emergency. The problem is not merely the number of illegal immigrants. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central and South America, there are several hundreds, perhaps thousands, of illegal aliens from countries that sponsor terrorism or harbor terrorists entering the United States each year across our border with Mexico. Thus, it is a national security issue as well as an immigration issue.

The U.S. Border Patrol is unable to adequately patrol a 2,000 mile border with 11,000 Border Patrol agents.

Independent groups such as The Minutemen have attempted to augment the Border Patrol, with some success and with widespread support. However, these volunteers are outside the administrative control of US border authorities.

The recently-announced Expedited Removal program for Other Than Mexican illegal immigrants is expensive and addresses only a small part of the problem, since it is believed that between 75 and 85% of illegal immigrants are never caught.

Until the border is secured and the tide of illegal immigration is stemmed, proposals to adjust immigration quotas, whether up or down, are doomed to ineffectiveness.

A secure, state-of-the-art border fence must be one element of any comprehensive effort to address the illegal immigration problem. Similar fences in Israel have reduced terrorist attacks by up to 95%.

A border fence is entirely compatible with a guest worker program. In fact, a guest worker program would be reduced to irrelevance without such a fence.We urge you to support legislation to create a secure, state-of-the-art border fence along the entire U.S. border with Mexico. We suggest that we should be seen as your allies, rather than as antagonists. We submit our names in appreciation of your leadership and in anticipation of your support.

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At Tue Oct 04, 06:53:00 PM 2005, Blogger moonbat monitor said...

thank you GOD for doing this!

it's about time. I signed the petition, and I'm going to blogroll this site.

keep it up. this country needs you!

At Tue Oct 04, 08:37:00 PM 2005, Blogger Kat Dillon said...

While I appreciate your motivations in this, keep in mind that a fence big enough to keep people out is also big enough to keep people in. I don't want to be fenced in with the likes of Bush running this country. It'd be like being fenced into Nazi Germany.

At Tue Oct 04, 09:07:00 PM 2005, Blogger Constitution-Bound said...

I'm don't know who is behind this particular call for a fence between Mexico and the US, but I do believe that the vast majority of US citizens are behind just such an idea.

May we awake and start holding our government accountable to our Laws and citizens!

At Tue Oct 04, 09:08:00 PM 2005, Blogger WeThePeople said...

First of all I just want to commend you for this site! Thank you for taking the lead on this important issue!
I am so sick and tired of the ILLEGAL imigration problem that our "leaders" choose to ignore! It is painfully obvious that we citizens have to get our elected officials motivated into action!

At Tue Oct 04, 09:42:00 PM 2005, Blogger moonbat monitor said...

kat dillon

you can always leave and go to canada, and why the hell would you even want to go to Mexico anyways?

it's a dump.

At Tue Oct 04, 11:29:00 PM 2005, Blogger elijahbull said...

Not only should we build a fence, but we should have a voluntary sign-up, like the MinuteMan volunteers, who will give a week or two to help build it up. I'll give a week or more of my life and sweat to save America's future generations from the illegal invasion. Why wait on the "Red-Tape-Feds" to approve it 50 years from now? By then, there will be no more illegals left to keep out because they'll all be here. We will be considered illegals for remaining, and they will build walls around us called "Concentration Camps".

At Wed Oct 05, 02:18:00 AM 2005, Blogger George Vreeland Hill said...

It makes me sick to read of so many illegals entering the United States.
They come here and have no respect for our country.
These illegal people kill, rape, steal, and more.
If I were the Governor of California (or any state, for that matter), I would by order, deny them housing, education, health care, welfare, and more.
Leave them in the streets and call out the National Guard to sweep them up.
No proper ID, then out they go.
They have no rights here, because they are here illegally.
Illegal means against the law.
It is time for our leaders to understand this.
Remember that the United States of America is by the people, and for the people, and the people do not want these illegals in this country.
It is time for the politicians to stop looking at situations in terms of votes, and start helping their own people in the U.S.
If they won't stop the illegals, then we as voters will sweep them out too!
Stop this flow of garbage coming in.
We want our country back.
We are sick of paying for these illegals with our taxes, time, and more.
We are sick of the lower standards in our education system because of illegals.
We are sick of waiting for hospital care because these illegals are crowding the waiting rooms with no health care benefits.
That is right....we also pay for their health care.
Just thing, you pay (as a good citizen) to sit for long periods of time while someone is breaking the law to get health care.
That is like paying someone to rob you!
The same goes for education.
The same goes for jobs.
The same goes for anything an illegal does.
It is time to mount up.
It is time to put an end to this filth.
I thank you for your time.
I am,
George Vreeland Hill.

At Wed Oct 05, 02:31:00 AM 2005, Blogger Bandaneira said...

Hello to the good people at your organisation,

This message comes to you from the Great Southern Land of Australia. We are blessed to have a natural sea border all around our fair land. This intiative of yours is extremely worthwhile, and the congressmen in Washington D.C. should be heeding your advice.

Below are some rough calculations I have done.

San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas is about 2500 kilometres, as via the actual border route.

A border must :

-Be clear and well defined
-Create a real boundary
-Be as aesthetically pleasing as possible

A border provides :

-A sense of safety for citizens
-Clearly delineated boundaries between diffeent areas

Suggestions for a border could be :

1 - Traditional concrete wall with security posts.
2 - Laser Force Field Type Barrier with security posts.

Concrete Wall Option

Wall : 40 ft (13 metres) high. 600 mm thick re-inforced concrete wall.

Say - $3000 per 13 m x 0.6 m section x 2,500,000 sections

= $7.5 Billion

Security Towers : Every 2 km. = 1250 towers

Say - $200,000 per tower

= $250,000,000

Border Staff - Full Time Job with benefits 3 shifts per day. 3,750 staff, plus 250 extra staff. = 4,000 staff @ $75,000 each

= $300,000,000

Security Technology

= $500,000,000

Total Cost to Protect the Southern Border of the USA

= $ 9 Billion

Lifespan of such Wall - 50 years

Cost per citizen of the USA


At Wed Oct 05, 08:09:00 AM 2005, Blogger streetdoc said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:14:00 AM 2005, Blogger streetdoc said...

We need this fence NOW, we spend bundles on the coasties cathing Cubans and Hatians floting into Florida, This is a "No Brainer" if our government can't see the need for this you just have to wonder about their motives. I signed your petition and I will send a link to others for them to visit and participate.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:18:00 AM 2005, Blogger KJR said...

Why just a fence at the Mexican border? I think we should fence the northern border as well. Canada has such a lax immigration policy within their own country that anyone claiming persecution in their native land can enter. Gee, maybe their persecuted because they are terrorists.

Legal immigration is great. Our country was founded on legal immigration. But illegal immigration is just wrong, and a serious problem for our country.

And for those who say illegal immigrants help our economy by taking jobs we Americans won't work at think about this: These jobs are low paying. Why are they low paying? Because illegals are willing to accept the pay. Shut off illegals, the pay for these jobs will rise, and American and legal immigrants will work at those jobs.

I was a law enforcement officer for over 20 years and made numerous arrests involving illegals involved in crimes. Almost everytime they had two items on them. A lot of American cash and money order receipts they sent to relatives in Mexico. Our money going to Mexico.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:19:00 AM 2005, Blogger rfrank1399 said...

yes we need to stop illegals. I have a wife in another country, we have paid the fees, waiting our turn, following the rules. I get very upset that illegals can just walk into this country and a US citizen has so much red tape to bring a wife and child home.
a PS to kat are free to leave this country anytime you like. airplanes can fly high enough to clear fences.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:21:00 AM 2005, Blogger PragmaticTX said...

Living in Texas we see far too many people that "appear to be illegals" working in restaurants, on construction projects, maintaining yards, etc. What we do not see is these people begging for money on street corners.

I am not hispanic, yet I did marry a Mexican woman that I met in Mexico and we went through the process of making her legal to work in the US.

Building a fence or wall is needed now, and has been needed for the past 20 years. The hard part will be in the courting of the Hispanic vote. The Democrats and the Texas / California Hispanics could sink this ... stay vigilant on this issue.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:30:00 AM 2005, Blogger PragmaticTX said...

BTW, For this project to succeed, we gotta enforce the concept of LEGAL immigration versus ILLEGAL immigration. What I have learned from my wife (native of Mexico) and Mexicans that I work with in Mexico, is that they have a much lower expectation of "integrity" between one another. They see their political bigwigs and rich people getting away with murder (worse than in the USA) and they simply do not "respect the law" as much as we do in the USA. They simply think that you can pay a "mordida" (the bite or bribe) and get anything you want, including entrance to the USA. When was the last time you tried to give a policeman a $50 bill to let you go on a traffic ticket? I think the results would be worse than a normal ticket. That is called integrity. It's lacking in Mexico and other hispanic countries. Puede hablar espanol? We need to work both sides of the border on this idea; it is sensitive.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:38:00 AM 2005, Blogger Texas said...

I can't even go to the Post Office with out standing in line behind a bunch of Mexicans sending money to mexico. we need a lot of these people but they need to get a pass. Also need to put people in jail if you hire one. The laws are already in place, Mr Bush you need to enforce them, if you were a real Texan you would already have.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:39:00 AM 2005, Blogger CreveCoeurAmerican said...

Stealing is illegal. Speeding is illegal. Murder and rape are illegal. SNEAKING INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA without appropriate permission is ILLEGAL. THEREFORE... a fence to prevent the ILLEGAL entrance into this country from our southern border is not only appropriate... it is expected.

Our government should protect us from all things illegal. That is part of the roll of government. That is why we have a police force, a sheriff and other law enforcement organizations.

We know that nationals from countries other than Mexico are using our southern border to sneak in. It is almost as if we have a huge sign saying, "TERRORISTS WELCOME!"

Thank you for working so hard to secure our southern border. I hope and pray that our leaders in Washington hear this call.

People, wake up. It isn't 1950 any more. Times have changed. Our lives have changed.

There is an old saying..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Our border IS broken. We need to fix it. We need to protect ourselves and our way of life from those who would wreck it.

Thank you for reading my opinion.

At Wed Oct 05, 08:58:00 AM 2005, Blogger Marianne said...

As usual we are talking about the subject, however we are doing nothing about it. I agree with putting up a fence. When we know the boundaries we set the rules, if the people in Mexico have not been shown integrity then a fence will definitely help show them the way. Everyone with land on the border should be given the opportunity to get a tax break by putting in sweat equity on building this fence. Similar to Habitat for Humanity. We could call it "Fencing for Freedom".

At Wed Oct 05, 09:07:00 AM 2005, Blogger ciscoguy01 said...

I think most of you are forgetting the whole picture here. I see both sides and am for the fence and all that. However, how many generations can we look back and find illegal immigrants in our family ancestries? All come here with hopes and dreams of a better life and are not blessed with winning the lottery of just being born in the US. While we do need to control the incoming traffic of illegals coming in, we also need to get our government to stop allowing them in. Many are allowed in without a formal education or any type of training, hell, without even being able to speak english. Most of the comments here are prejudicial with no sense of fact. While I dislike the thought of losing my job to an Immigrant we all have to remember, most companies are outsourcing everything to other countries, seems like they should want to stay there and wait for our great american companies to give them jobs over there. As far as our boarder patrol not being able to patrol a 2000 mile boarder? Come on, that's a pile of bullshit, if we have 11000 officers on that boarder thats 5.5 officers per mile. I could patrol a mile of boarder with 4 other guys pretty easy. Maybe they are not doing a very good job or they are busy getting doughnuts.

At Wed Oct 05, 09:29:00 AM 2005, Blogger Jumbo Jet 49 said...

Kat Dillon - "Bush running this country" ???

Why do we have a Congress? A Supreme Court?

Where are We the People?

We the People are being dilluted by illegal immigrants that have our elected officials pandering to them.

It is time to stop this madness.

If I do something illegal, they will prosecute me! We turn the other way for the down trodden poor Mexican that is illegal. Tell Vincente' Fox to take care of his people. It's not my job!

At Wed Oct 05, 10:01:00 AM 2005, Blogger Jeff said...

Now this is a great idea. I am sure it will meet with a huge amount of resistance from many, but the simple truth is if the American people do not take a stand and do something soon the tide of illegal aliens will only grow worse. I, as well as most Americans, are all for LEGAL immigration. Our elected officials better wake up and smell the coffee. The great people of this country can only take so much before they will organize and start to take matters into their own hands, ie. Boston Tea Party, The American Revolution, The MinuteMan program...any of these sound familiar? The scare tactics and the "Race" card that is always pulled out just at the right moment will cease to work as Americans are becoming more and more frustrated with the blind eye that Washington turns on this subject. Better wake up Mr elected official...The winds of change are starting to blow...

At Wed Oct 05, 10:17:00 AM 2005, Blogger Elizabeth said...

kat dillon

Your ignorance is an embarrassment to this country. You really should leave.

At Wed Oct 05, 10:23:00 AM 2005, Blogger Miche said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Wed Oct 05, 10:47:00 AM 2005, Blogger US Immigrant said...

THANK GOD FOR THIS WEBSITE! My husband is an immigrant from England. We've done everything the LEGAL way and have had to jump through hoops just so he could stay here so we could be a family. He's been here nearly 7 years and is still not a citizen. Right now they are more than a year behind on citizenship applications. It's taken us this long to establish permanent residency! It's been a long, emotional journey, not to mention the extortionate price tag that's gone with it.

It frustrates and angers me to know how hard we've struggled and the hardships we've endured while others creep across the boarder in the middle of the night and are handed everything they need.

I was a single mom, I couldn't get aid because my husband wasn't a citizen. Yet the loby was full of illegal immigrants waiting to get their food stamps.

Our country is a blend of many different cultures. Our melting pot makes us special. When the Irish, Germans or Chinese came, did we change our language to accommodate them? NO. It was part of the immigration process to learn the language. There was pride in becoming an American. Sadly that is not the case today.

I do not understand why we have become a bilingual country. It infuriates me to place a call only to be told to push a button if I want to continue in ENGLISH. I am an American....we speak ENGLISH here! I shouldn't have to push a button.

Our entire culture is being changed. My nine year old son is being taught spanish so that he can better communicate with the Mexican children in his school. Why are those children not being taught English?

They have no respect for our flag. They have no respect for our Country. They have no respect for our people.

I saw a flag the other day outside an illegal immigrants home that said "I wish I was in Mexico"

I say bogoff back there!

At Wed Oct 05, 10:53:00 AM 2005, Blogger Build the Fence said...

I support the building of the fence on our southern border to stem the tide of illegals entering our country. The keyword here is "illegal."

There are a number of reasons why I support this fence. The first is because the illegals are putting an undue burden on the American citizens with regard our health and wellfare systems, housing, medical provisions and the legal system. And, it seems as though they have just as many, if not more, rights than any natural citizen.

I do support immigration because I know that people have visions of a better life and dreams to see them come to fruition. I also believe that if something is worth having, it is worth hard work to achieve. I do not believe we should hand them what we have worked for on a silver platter. They need to EARN their right to be here and they need to do it legally.

The cost of the fence would easily be offset as the illegals we support drop in numbers. We need to export them when we find them. We need to deny them the benefits that citizens and legal immigrants receive. Above anything else, we NEED to prevent them coming here by any means other than through the legal immigration system. Why have an immigration department otherwise?

It is our right to know who is within our borders and for security, we have to document where they are.

On a side note: What idiot thinks it's okay to give illegals a drivers license? I thought that was a priviledge.

At Wed Oct 05, 10:56:00 AM 2005, Blogger Build the Fence said...

One more thing - Kat dillon, you remind me of Cindy Sheehan and I think the both of you need to find a new home.

Bush can't run the country all by himself. Thank God my vote cancelled yours out.

At Wed Oct 05, 11:04:00 AM 2005, Blogger US Immigrant said...

Build The Fence

I couldn't agree more! The last time my husband and I were at the Immigration office, a couple were stood at the window arguing with an immigration officer. I overheard the officer tell them that the man would have to leave the country and file his papers in Mexico. She told them that he could not apply for a work permit because he was here illegally. The couple turned and walked out the door.....past armed guards.

The immigration office had an illegal immigrant in front of them and they just let them walk away.

I lived in fear for years until my husband's permanent papers came through. I had nightmares of them coming in the middle of the night.

And we did everything by the book!

At Wed Oct 05, 11:15:00 AM 2005, Blogger Elizabeth said...

What's even more ignorant than kat dillon and miche's comments is the fact that children of illegals are citizens if they are born here. This is a law that should be changed making it mandatory that one of the parents be a citizen in order for their newborn to be one. We don't need more illegals mooching off our health system, our legal system, our jobs, our school system and our welfare system. We can pick strawberries ourselves -- this would force the employers to pay a fair wage to our own people.

It also amazes me that there are so many ignorant people in this country that actually think one man has the ability to run this country alone. We need to remove all the Nancy Pelosis and Ted Kennedys from office and replace them with people who actually have common sense.

At Wed Oct 05, 11:17:00 AM 2005, Blogger FornaxUltor said...

This is a problem, it is not an "issue". To call it merely an issue hides the truth in the same way and for the same purposes as calling it a manifestation of racism hides the truth and renders mute any opposition. We have been undergoing an invasion for at least 30 years which only cathode ray anaesthesia can cause us to overlook and protest. Because of the frightening ability of television to stultify, we just allow slogans to govern our thoughts-even generate our whole thinking. "a nation of immigrants", etc. ...sound familiar? Gosh, mexico is a nation of immigrants too, isnt it? Does this make you feel ENTITLED to violate their laws, colonize [sic]overturn their ancestral ways, nullify their tenuous union, aggravate already existing sectional tensions with zero compunction, etc etc ad infinitum? It obscures the truth to the point of falsification to say that speaking up and speaking out in the defense of your heritage is a manifestation of "HATE". It is not. Rather, it is a manifestation of Love, a love of orderliness and decency which the invaders "culture" seems to be signally lacking in. It is also a manifestation of the natural love of ones own first and above all others which no man can rightly gainsay against. [Liberation Theologians, are you listening?] Getting back to the miasma caused by the weapon of mass destraction that is television, anaesthetized, it comes as an irreality to observe incidents even right before your eyes when seen on the screen, hence, the invasion we are living in is seen, if at all, as "enrichment". Shouldnt we have some protections aganst enrichment? Are we not...were we not already as rich as we wanted to be, disreguard of these facts being a manifestation of greed? Ask yourself if Rome was enriched by the Visigoth, the Ostrogoth, the Hun, the Vandal. (our invaders are largely descendants of these, reguardless of how much they like to flatter themselves about being "Latin") I would like to suggest some reading if I may; the first is WHAT IS A CITIZEN? by Aristotle . The second is History of Europe by Henry Pirenne. It discusses the always short shrifted period of barbarian invasion thouroughly. Also search our Saint Gregories (Gregory of Tours) Chronicles of the Merovingians, etc, if you want to read eyewitness accounts of barbarian invasion and its effects. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE IMMUNE FROM HISTORY, AMERICAN? DO YOU THINK THAT BECAUSE THAT WAS LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY, THAT IT CANT HAPPEN HERE? Fool, it is. Pray God to help us all, even, or especially for the invader, who needs to be shown the proper ordering of things, as well as the door. Thank you for listening.

At Wed Oct 05, 11:24:00 AM 2005, Blogger US Immigrant said...

I worked in a factory a few years ago where I as an American was a minority. This factory was located in northern Indiana...far far away from the Mexian boarder. Yet it was full of illegal workers. They did nothing to hide that fact. They boasted about how they live 20 or 30 people to a house and send nearly all of their wages back to Mexico. They bragged about how they were going to work tax free for five years and then go back to Mexico and retire.

We were treated like garbage by these people. They refused to speak English and constantly talked and laughed behind our backs.

Most of these people couldn't speak or read English. They were operating heavy machinery and were a danger to their co-workers.

I'm happy to say that this factory is now closed. Unfortunately the families who came to this area to work there remain and continue to sponge off our economy.

At Wed Oct 05, 01:19:00 PM 2005, Blogger JuniusJnr said...

There are more than enough legal entry points along the US borders with Mexico and Canada. I think building a fence with only the legal ports of entry as gateways is a fabulous idea. I'd rather see my tax dollars pay for a giant wall than to pay for illegal immigrants to go to school and have medical care and other such perks denied to American citizens.

At Wed Oct 05, 01:23:00 PM 2005, Blogger Judy said...

I am strongly in favor of this fence. Our national security and the future of our country depends on it. How long will it be until we bottom out financially from the burden these illegal immigrants are placing on our system?

In addition to a fence, I favor citing any company who employs these illegal immigrants. If they had no reason to migrate here, they wouldn't make the trip in the first place

At Wed Oct 05, 01:28:00 PM 2005, Blogger said...

I would volunteer some time to help build it!

At Wed Oct 05, 01:55:00 PM 2005, Blogger BorderCity said...

I recommend the Berlin wall design...its architecture and patrol. It worked! Only its purpose was disreputable. We have a reputable purpose in protecting our immigration laws as well as our security. Israeli projects have not worked. We need to follow a model that has worked. A benefit to the US economy by fencing in citizens to spend their money where they earn it would be a positive byproduct.

At Wed Oct 05, 02:08:00 PM 2005, Blogger Build the Fence said...

Judy -- I couldn't agree more. Perhaps if the Administration would impose stiffer fines, akin to those that the FCC has imposed on television stations for offensive programming, they would think twice about employing illegals.

Good point.

At Wed Oct 05, 02:39:00 PM 2005, Blogger Alfred said...

I want to see the fence on the border to prevent illegal aliens to come to the USA and take jobs from our people...the companies that hire these aliens should be fined and give probation periods to get their act in order...Also, by doing this we will have reduced the cost of having to apprehend and maintain these individuals..the 4 billion dollars will seem like pennies compared to the cost being incurred from surveillance to apprehension and maintenance...let's do it Mr. President....we have faith in you and the congress to make this happen...Thank you

At Wed Oct 05, 04:55:00 PM 2005, Blogger saj said...

kate dillon, give the Bush/Hitler thing a break! Your knowledge of history is mind boggling. Maybe you should go back to school and learn about Nazi Germany before you spout off. Your ignorant statement is an insult to those who lived through the horror of Nazi Germany.

WE NEED A FENCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

At Wed Oct 05, 11:52:00 PM 2005, Blogger Graves said...

Ok ,, need to adress the Mich's of the world..
Ok let me see, where do i start?
First,, would you work for less that minimum wage? Didnt think so.
Second,, i know your going to say something like " well they can , whay cant you?"
Becaue,, they will crowd ten into a domicile thats designed for two.
That is not healthy, and we as Americans cant live like that, we have too much pride in ourselves.
And further mor Mich,, would you live like that? Didnt think so.
Now,alot of these companies wont hire Americans, since they can hire ileagls for less the $ dolars an hour, ive seen it, and it happens.
Ok Foods, am jor meat packing plant in my town, has been instrulental in bringing ileagals her to work instead of Americans.
Ive sen the multiple use of the same social security numbers, ive even sat there waiting to go to work everyday for weeks, and sen nothig butileagals hired.
How do i know theyr ilegas? well lets think a minute.
For one, to be an American citizen, you have to have a 65 to 85 percent working knowledge of the English language, none of these people knew English.
When they were aproached, they even said ( very badly) " I speak no English".
That was a good clue asto them being ilegals.
Not to mention I can take you to places that forge ilegal documents for them.
Now to another question you may have " why havent you reported this?"
Answer: the local authorities are paid to ignore this by the big companies that hire ilegals.
So,, we now have another problem besides the fence issue,, companies here in America that propogate the ilegal imigration problem, not to mention lobyists in Washington that front for these companies.
We all know Bush is in bed with president Fox in Mexico, and thats why he doesnt want anything done about this problem.
Not to mention the Hispanics here are against it, and no politician wnats to "hurt " their chances of being elected due to Hispanics not voting for them.
It would seem to me that tose against this solution are part of the problem.
Stands to reason doesnt it?
Now on to Kat Dillon,, why dont you justget a hint,, move out of your gated comunity and see whats going on in the country?
My son is recieveing a substandard education due to the increase of none English speaking students in his school, and thats in almost every school in the area.
The teachers have to spend more and more time with the ilegal children here, and not enough that are born in this country.
And by the way, to the comment that we all have elegal imigration in our ancestry,, i thing you shouild look farther than your own family,part of my family came here in the 30s as legal imigrants from Scottland and Germany, while the other were Native American.
The area i live in has been take over by ilegal imigrants, the crime rate is astronomical, and the drug problem here is astounding since they started comming here.
The police have a new car bought for them every year by Ok Foods here, who employs primarily ileagal aliens, so theyr pretty much brined to leave them alone, and i have been told by the imagration services that the police here havent had enough of a problem with it for them to be concerned.
Someone somwhere is being paid off.
A fence is definitly needed.
It would cost about four billion dollars for the whole thing.
Now before you out there scream ,, let me tell you that after 911 it took 16 billion for the security people in airports.
Notreally alot to ensure the future of our country.
And this problem ive addressed hasnt even gotten into the terrorists that have made there way into this country via the southern border.
Just think about it for a bit,, personaly it scares the hell out of me.

At Thu Oct 06, 12:05:00 AM 2005, Blogger Graves said...

And please forgive the mistakes in grammer, punctuation and spelling in my previous post.
I was very upset at a few stupid comments ( Kat Dillon,, Mich) i had read.
Evidently these people have never been in the real world and are viewers of MTV.
I think alot of us should disregard the media, seems theyre not going to be of any help.
So far, neither has congress or our lusterless president on this problem.
The law wont protect us from ileagal aliens.
I myself have been robed, and assualted by them on a few occasions,, the police even said that they wont find them, the aliens protect their own.
W are in sad shape.
Fornaxaultor,, you said it best,, so did you Usmigrant.
I see the problems everyday, and those that say they dont are blind or stupid.

At Thu Oct 06, 01:12:00 AM 2005, Blogger Canada next aye said...

Really, how many of you are surprised that this hasnt been done along time ago. Just seems like Common Sense. But then we are talking about the Govt. and common sense. The only real way to Build the Fence is Privately. I propose we have a "Town Meeting" on this subject with as many "Heavy hitters as possible. Lou Dobbs, Min. men. And as many govt officals who will stick there neck out and support this. We as Americans need to consolidate our efforts and also keep calling attention to this. 2006 is an election year in some places. We need to keep the heat on.

At Thu Oct 06, 07:09:00 AM 2005, Blogger PragmaticTX said...

Now that we have voiced here, CONTACT YOUR SENATOR and US REP.


See ya on the border.

At Thu Oct 06, 09:03:00 AM 2005, Blogger Fence Blogger said...

canada next aye - You are probably right about using private money to the build the fence. It won't happen that way, though. Why? You would be putting a structure on land that isn't yours.

You are correct in raising the awareness of the need for it with the people that can make a difference.

Sean Hannity of Fox's "Hannity and Comb-over" is sitting on the border with the Minute Men outside of San Diego this week, watching the border. He is doing alot to make people aware of the problem.

Also, the governors in Arizona and Texas have declared a state of emergency over the illegal immigration problem in their states.

Graves - Thanks for the apology. I felt I was being assaulted by your horrible grammar and punctuation while complaining about your son's substandard education. :)

I agree with you, however, that there is a blind eye when it comes to hiring illegals. My home state, Arizona, is being overrun by illegal immigrants and while I feel bad because these humans are only looking for a better life, it is still illegal to cross our border and live here, undocumented.

The fact that they are here and committing crimes, like the ones against yourself, and then we have to clog up our court system to put them on trial and then pay more of our hard-earned tax dollars to provide them with a cell is maddening. I'm with you on that.

But it's not just the legal system. The illegal immigrant issue is stressing every system we have in place. I live in Colorado now and I'm told that the local school disctrict is requiring the principles to learn Spanish so they can "enhance" their interaction with the Hispanic students. Like with you, that raises a red flag for me. If they can't speak English, there must be a reason for it. So, our school system is also stressed. I might point out that MY TAX DOLLARS are being used for this purpose.

The welfare system affords them a reason to stay here while we with OUR TAX DOLLARS to support them.

We take care of them when they get sick or injured. Ever wonder why the cost of medicine and medical treatment is soaring? Look to the border and think about what it must cost to keep 20 million illegal aliens in good health. The cost? YOUR TAX DOLLARS. The consequence? Higher cost for your health care and mine. Why? They can't afford to pay their own bills. It gets passed off to someone. That someone is you and I.

Please don't get me wrong: I am not against immigration. I take at least two trips to Mexico annually and I adore spending time with them in their culture. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to share in their way of life and their land. I am a SCUBA diver and I feel they have the best in the world. The difference is: I spend my money down there and then I come home.

The frustrations are completely understandable but unless we get off our collective butts, pool our resources, take part in a border watch, threaten our administration with votes, nothing will get done.

So... a heart-felt "Thanks" for the one that put up this Blog. That's only the beginning.

Now take action. Build the fence.

At Thu Oct 06, 03:05:00 PM 2005, Blogger Graves said...

Ok,,here I am again, and i promise I'm not upset this time lol.
Today, as I went to get some business done, I saw a couple of seemingly ileagals cought shoplifting.
Of course, in the small town i live in( Heavener Oklahoma) anything that can be enterntaining gathers a crowd.
As the people watched, the local police came to the crime scene.
As I watched astonished, the two Hispanics said to the polic"We speak no English".
So what did the police do? They took what information the two had, and sent them on their way!
One even cclaimed, in broken English, that he lived here in Heavener all his life,, but for some reason didnt speak any English!
Another example of law enforcement turning a blind eye to the ileagal problem here at home.
More and more of this is happening, our papers in this area are constantly reporting more and more Hispanics being stoped for trafic violations, and none of the Hispanics stopped have valid drivers licenses or insurance, or vehicle regestration.
This should tell you something.
Since the local meat packing plant(Ok Foods) started bringing them in twelve years ago, the crime rate here has soared.
Even though many of the police swear that they havent seen any problems the Hispanic comunity here are aledgedly causing.
Now,, before you out their like Mich start screaming ,, I am far from being a racist.
I was raised part of my life over seas, and I am a profesional wrestler, AND several of my tag partners were either Hispanic or Black.
So I am being far from racist,, I'm just seeing a trend here in the States.
There are toomany people trying to excuse the problem as being people trying to come here to have a better life, and people trying to do jobs that we as Maericans wont do( Ive addressed this in my first posting).
I've emailed my state representative( Kenneth Corn) and my govorner, as well as the president.
But since its a major problem that many wont address becasue it might upset the Hispanic comunities, and thy may lose a few votes, it goes largely ignored.
We have people here living with ileagals, that have helped other ileagals come accross the border,, many of whom I can name.
But it allways seems that nothing is done.
Ive sat in emergency rooms before with partners, or for myself, and seen many times an ileagal comes in with a lesser problem, and since the state takes care of them, they get to see a doctor before anyone else does.
Our healthcares ystem is clogged with this, so are our legal systems and educational systems.
And nothing gets done.
Any time that any group of people try and do something about this, we are called racist, and worse by the iberal and special interest groups.
Many of the people against this fence have never lived in the real world.
many come from the upper class, or have lived in primarily American neighborhoods, and havent had the oportunity to see whats going on.
About ten years ago, there were a couple lawyers here that stood up for the rights of Hispanics,, even the ileagals here, till their offices were broken into and vandalized.
When the investigation turned up the People that did it,, they were a couple of ileagals looking for things to sell to buy drugs.
Interesting isnt it?

At Thu Oct 06, 03:06:00 PM 2005, Blogger Graves said...

BTW fence blogger,, thank you for bearing with
I was just very upset about some comments.

At Thu Oct 06, 04:57:00 PM 2005, Blogger cb said...

It's about time we take on the two-headed monster that is our illegal immigration problem: the illegals that strain our economy and those that pose a terrorist threat.

Kat Dillon, it is obvious you don't know much about history, but if you did, you'd know that countries that keep porous or open borders traditionally fall to foreign enemies, whether by force or by economic strain.

I applaud the efforts of and its supporters. Prevention of illegals coming into this country will be exponentially less expensive than our current method of dealing with this problem.

At Thu Oct 06, 05:44:00 PM 2005, Blogger Blake Beecher said...

This is not about racial bigotry. This is about protecting the nation itself. If any nation fails to control its border, it will soon lose its national identify, and eventually the nation itself will be swallowed up. I fear that another 10 years of the same will turn our nation into another state of Mexico.

To all who wish to come to America, I say WELCOME! Just come through the FRONT DOOR! If you’re not willing to do that, stay on your side of the FENCE!

At Sat Oct 08, 08:09:00 AM 2005, Blogger fed up2 said...

The problem has been around for decades and did not start with this administration, but they will be forced by "We The People" to correct it.

Fact: Elected officials who have forgotten their allegiance, their duties and their "just" powers. under the Constitution.
Our U.S. Constitution:
Article I Section 8 - limits Congress to 'regulating commerce' with foreign nations. Therfore, granting amnesty or a path to citizenship, to illegal aliens IS unconstitutional. They have NO authority to do so. Not even the President has that authority.
Congress was granted the power to "establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization" and under the laws of the United States, no individual who is in this country illegally can become a naturalized citizen or a legal resident.

Fact: Birthright Citizenship. The Constitution does not grant citizenship at birth to just anyone who happens to be born within American borders. It is the allegiance of the child’s birth parents at the time of birth that determines the child’s citizenship--not geographical location. The Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment states, “All persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States”. Hence, The Citizenship Clause establishes a two-prong test for Birthright Citizenship: (1) Birth in the United States AND (2) Subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

Congressional Testimony: The Cost Of Illegal Immigration
On The People Of The United States.

$4.7 Billion in 2004 for Texas taxpayers.

The dangers of trade treaties:

The Dangers of the FTAA

There are two immigration reform bills pending, and at least three others proposed. But yet not filed. If they were serious about controling/stopping the neverending flow, they would put up some barrier (fence) between us and them. NONE of their bills propose such at this time. They simply try to 'look like' they're serious.

Contact them:

At Sun Oct 09, 12:49:00 PM 2005, Blogger skippy said...

First Build the darn fence. I know where we can get the money.......... 50 billion more getting ready for approval for Iraq.

second, change the laws. A pregnant woman crosses the border, drops a baby and it's an American Citizen. What is that about? End that and it'll curve some illegals.

third, No schooling, no doctors, no food, no jobs etc etc etc

forth, make fruit and veggie growers pay fair wages and benefits and give Americans jobs!!!!

At Mon Oct 10, 12:34:00 PM 2005, Blogger Dr Valve said...

I have many friends that were born in other countries. My mothers family immigrated from the Netherlands and I grew up on stories about their adventures coming here. My fathers family was started by a white slave that jumped ship in Louisiana in the 1850's. I am a product of both sides of this issue. I have great respect for the tide of LEGAL immigration. That being said, I am deeply troubled about the illegal immigration we face. It is not fair, not to those of us that were born here, not to those who came here legally, and for the most part, not to many of those who come here illegally. The Coyote that charges thousands of dollars to bring a family over is financially raping those who just want a better life here. Those that come and are forced to work for substandard wages are exploited and unfairly depress the wages for the legals. I have no doubt that most, a lions share, of those that come here illegally poss no more danger then depressed wages, and it is unfair that they get the blame for the bad apples that also arrive in this "barrel". A fence and stricter laws are the only solution I see. This, in addition to, inforcing the laws presently on the books. We must do something about the Southern boarder now. The Northern border soon. I like this idea. I also like the idea of one fence at a time.

At Mon Oct 10, 12:35:00 PM 2005, Blogger Dr Valve said...

I have many friends that were born in other countries. My mothers family immigrated from the Netherlands and I grew up on stories about their adventures coming here. My fathers family was started by a white slave that jumped ship in Louisiana in the 1850's. I am a product of both sides of this issue. I have great respect for the tide of LEGAL immigration. That being said, I am deeply troubled about the illegal immigration we face. It is not fair, not to those of us that were born here, not to those who came here legally, and for the most part, not to many of those who come here illegally. The Coyote that charges thousands of dollars to bring a family over is financially raping those who just want a better life here. Those that come and are forced to work for substandard wages are exploited and unfairly depress the wages for the legals. I have no doubt that most, a lions share, of those that come here illegally poss no more danger then depressed wages, and it is unfair that they get the blame for the bad apples that also arrive in this "barrel". A fence and stricter laws are the only solution I see. This, in addition to, inforcing the laws presently on the books. We must do something about the Southern boarder now. The Northern border soon. I like this idea. I also like the idea of one fence at a time.

At Mon Oct 10, 02:45:00 PM 2005, Blogger Handgun50 said...

Why leave it to the government. Lets start building the fence ourselves I will chip in some time and some razor wire. Lets start building NOW!

At Mon Oct 10, 03:05:00 PM 2005, Blogger Publius said...

One cannot be simultaneously against securing our borders AND in favor of ensuring domestic security.
Enforcing our immigration laws as they are written is not: racist, exclusionary, discriminatory, or unfair. No one has an intrinsic right to come here. It is we who choose.

At Mon Oct 10, 05:51:00 PM 2005, Blogger keep them out said...

This is a great idea..I think that we all should rally for this and lets get er done!! We don't need anyone who doesn't belong coming in..

At Mon Oct 10, 07:41:00 PM 2005, Blogger Cleverdevil said...

The title of this blog is bogus. If we had any real leaders in Washington and elsewhere we wouldn't need this petition or this blog. I blame the corrupt Mexican government, the government of the USA and then employers for this mess.

I don't blame the poor people in Mexico, if I were in their place I do it too.

I am concerned about open borders and what comes across there besides workers. The ordinary American citizen would act immediately to close the border if they knew just what was coming across the border in the addition to workers. Drugs, bombs, slaves, and God knows what else.

At Tue Oct 11, 01:45:00 AM 2005, Blogger bilkat said...

Politicians should understand that the Hispanic community, by and large, is just as concerned about illegal immigration as anybody else. I think their concern about the possibility of losing Hispanic votes is bogus. This indicates that they aren't doing their homework with respect to who is likely to vote for what. The Hispanic community is not some sort of monolith in which every last member is likely to vote en bloc. That perception is also bogus. These folks will vote their interests one of which is jobs. Does anyone seriously think that a legal Mexican is going to vote for an illegal Mexican who could very well threaten to take the job of the legal? It's not an ethnic thing unless the politician makes it that. C'mon, you guys, wake up!!!

At Tue Oct 11, 04:41:00 PM 2005, Blogger No Mexifornia!! said...

Found the site today and I've been saying this for years. I live in Southern California and I'm witnessing the ruination of this state at a record pace.I'm talking billions added to the tax burden !! I work in Santa Ana and they are roaming the streets blatently. At the local Home Depot they gather in groups up to and over 100 every morning. They know the police turn a blind eye. Every woman on the street is pregnant, pushing a baby carriage ( frequently a double!)with a kid hanging to each leg.
The sickest thing about this whole mess is that I really think that the large corporations are actually running this country and they would never allow this to be built. They make the huge contributions and yes, they own the politicians. All of them. The corporations are logging record profits with the cheap labor ( yes, they're hiring illegals!!)and the tax paying public get's stuck with the financial burden.
I have two questions about the construction of this fence...How soon and can we have machine gun nests every 50 yards ??

At Fri Oct 14, 09:07:00 AM 2005, Blogger Martin said...

In addition to signing the petition (which my wife and I have already done - by the way, she is a legal immigrant with a green card) I am willing to pay the airfare to come and donate 1 week of my time to help build it. Look at the time the minutemen are putting into protecting our country. I would bet that you could get thousands to donate time to assist in building the fence and thereby lower the direct cost of such a project.

At Mon Oct 17, 04:42:00 PM 2005, Blogger Gay Conservative said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Tue Oct 18, 12:47:00 AM 2005, Blogger Chief two Feathers said...

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At Thu Oct 20, 09:03:00 PM 2005, Blogger d.a.n said...

Don't just beg politicians to secure the borders.
Peacefully force government to start acting responsilby.
Government won't do anything, until voters force them to do so.
Here's how to provide that force.
Please see:
Choose your option:
(1) peacefully force government to be responsible and accountable now,
(2) or, wait (much longer) for thing to run their course, and learn the hard way (probably worse than the Great Depresssion).

Illegal aliens are just a fraction of the serious problems facing this nation, but none of those problems stand a chance in hell of being addressed until the voters do their part to force government to stop ignoring our many serious pressing problems for fear of risking re-election or pissing off the big-money backers that bought and paid for those politicians.

At Thu Oct 20, 09:36:00 PM 2005, Blogger blueyedliberty said...


At Thu Oct 20, 09:50:00 PM 2005, Blogger blueyedliberty said...

Just as our ancestors, they need to come through LEGALLY. If they have NOTHING TO HIDE that should Not be a problem!! We are losing loved ones to the "ILLEGALS" coming here & drunk driving,(I personally just lost 2 teenage sisters to a "illegal alien" driving drunk & hitting them head on... of course, he lived with only a few scratches) with illness & disease etc! That's just a few to mention. They need to be required to learn the ENGLISH languag & our laws... not try to change them. This is OUR country they wanted to come to & if they don't like them, they need to go back to THEIR homeland. I am tired of OUR FLAG,PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE, Lord GOD & prayer being constantly condemned AND THEM TRYING TO TAKE OUR LIBERTIES AWAY FROM US!! THIS IS AMERICA!!!!And I for One am PROUD to Be an AMERICAN!! If you want to live here, do it LEGALLY & by OUR RULES, LANGUAGE & LAWS!!

At Thu Oct 20, 10:02:00 PM 2005, Blogger blueyedliberty said...



At Fri Oct 28, 04:20:00 PM 2005, Blogger woobie said...

If we target the corporations that employ illegals, we will not need a fence. Is that clear enough?

At Fri Oct 28, 04:22:00 PM 2005, Blogger woobie said...

If we target the corporations that employ illegals, we will not need a fence. If a company wants to employ illegal immigrants, I say we deport the company.

At Sun Oct 30, 12:08:00 PM 2005, Blogger zb said...

Has anyone concerning this issue contacted a lobbyist in the health industry. How much money is spent every year on illegals and how much has it impacted the cost of healthcare......It must be in the $100's of millions by now....

If I knew how to contact a lobbyist, I would. I feel as though they would put both feet forward and fight this issue of illegals......

At Sun Oct 30, 12:10:00 PM 2005, Blogger zb said...

Has anyone concerning this issue tried to contact a lobbyist in the healthcare industry??? Can you imagine how much money is WASTED every year on these must be in the 10's or 100's on millions.....

At Sun Nov 06, 10:56:00 PM 2005, Blogger Ricardo L. Whitaker said...

Too many of our most well-known politicians and popularly elected "servants" have no genuine concern for the people of the country that we call the United States of America. Self-interests, special interests, and pork-barrel politics are the order of the day.
Of all the issues facing this nation today, what seems more sensible than preventing terrorists from entering the country? Preventing this problem is very low on the agendas of the Executive and legislative branches of the U.S. Government.
It is more than sensible to erect a fence along the southern border, especially in light of the continual dismal progress regarding the current techniques for preventing illegal border crossings from Mexico.
I say "cheers" to this new movement to cease illegal border crossings. Cheers to the Minute Men and their efforts this past summer and even more so to We Need A Fence.
I hope millioins of Americans donate money to this cause. I will certainly make a contribution in hopes of furthering this effort.

- Ricardo L. Whitaker
Baltimore, Maryland

At Sat Nov 12, 11:34:00 PM 2005, Blogger U B Gold said...

Kat Dillon,
The fence is not to keep you in it is to keep out the illegals. They plan to have legal border crossing so you could come and go all you want if you are an American.

Thank you for the break down. With all that is spent on illegals that would be paid in no time.

Are you trying to tell us that there are more Hispanic votes than not?
enforce the concept of LEGAL immigration versus ILLEGAL immigration I totally agree with that. They all need to understand we are not against them being here, just being here without going thru the right channels. Go home follow our laws then come here Legally, then you will be welcomed with open arms.

I have the very same feeling about where we will be in the future if this is not taken care of

I totally agree. They do not think of just how much money is leaving this country. If the money is not here how is it suppose to help with the economy?

At Sun Nov 13, 12:07:00 AM 2005, Blogger U B Gold said...

Seems to me that you and others in your town need to start filming things like that and then send it to people like Bill O'Reilly,Neil Cavuto,Alan Colmes, and so on. Get it on TV for the whole country to see, I bet most would stop.

At Wed Nov 16, 11:36:00 PM 2005, Blogger jfr3895 said...

i married a illegal women , a hard worker and good mother ,, but was here the wrong way , if we had a fair tax system the illegals could help pay for a fence , we might just get some of the money that is sent home ,, if yopu have never been to a thrid world country you dont know how good we have but we cant support the whole world , can we say fair tax mr bush

At Sat Nov 19, 07:54:00 PM 2005, Blogger rammjamm said...

This is NOT a question of racism....
This is NOT an issue of "immigration"....
This is NOT an economic debate...
This is our new "inalienable right"

Racism: Keeping undocumented persons out of the U.S. does not make us oppressors or bigots; it makes us patriots!! The only factions discriminated against are terrorists, drug runners, and those who will bilk taxpayers out of billions of dollars in health, education, food stamps and other pork barrel entitlements. A person's ethnicity is a non-issue when observed in this light.

Immigration: Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants!! The plight of impoverished Mexicans and their desire for better lives is truly understandable; however they have now emboldened with a sense of entitlement due to our lax law enforcement and desire for cheap labor. True immigrants apply legally for documentation and/or citezenship. In summation I say to all ILLEGAL immigrants:

This is NOT your country!!

You are neither welcome or needed here!!

And I hope to God our state and federal governments aren't stupid enough to give you either a driver license or Social Security number!!

Economics: Speaking for myself, I really dont need an undocumented worker picking my fruit, doing my
dry-wall work or mowing my lawn and then sending my hard-earned money to his family in Mexico. It creates a double jeopardy situation by both expatriating capital needed to spur domestic economic growth and inflating individual taxrolls to fund the above-mentioned social programs. Those that would argue that these workers pay into the tax system forget that the primarily minimum-wage positions held by these illegals do not support what they extract from our system. Furthermore, the scumbags who hire and profiteer from these workers should be deported along with the rest.

I love the idea of a security fence
in the hopes that it can reign in this national threat and embarassment to our great land.

At Wed Nov 23, 09:55:00 PM 2005, Blogger rex said...

Mexico wants it's northern border with the United states left open,
while they shoot Hondurans coming across their southern border.
What's wrong with that picture?
We ought to embarass the leaders of Mexico for not providing an opportunity for their people to have decent jobs in their own country.

At Wed Nov 23, 09:58:00 PM 2005, Blogger rex said...

I'll make a prediction, that in fifteen years our native language will be spanish......unless we make a change.

At Mon Nov 28, 06:24:00 PM 2005, Blogger BrownSupremacist said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Wed Nov 30, 10:22:00 PM 2005, Blogger german said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Wed Nov 30, 10:27:00 PM 2005, Blogger german said...

you all seem to be freaking out about illegal immigrants yet not one of you does a damned thing about ... lets say, 'white' illegal immigrants.

yet you keep hiring these very people/give the work; the same you so obviously despise. Now, where's the problem? You're friggin' amazing.

Build that fence wall, whatever you want to call it. And don't forget to install a 'Wallmart' every couple of miles or so.

The east German experience was not a fun trip. Dressing it up in 'freedom' doesn't change the purpose of a fence/wall either.

At Fri Dec 02, 02:22:00 PM 2005, Blogger Norm said...

It is my understanding that there is a law on the books that imposes severe penalities for hiring ilegals. Can any one tell me
1. The name of the law?
2. Why it is not enforced?
It is fairly obvious tha taking away the job incentive would lessen our border problem.....Norm

At Sun Dec 04, 05:08:00 AM 2005, Blogger dave said...

We need a fence, but I disagree with the design. Coiled barbed wire is just like laying a "slinky" toy on the ground and stretching it out which means that it will compress itself back to its rolled shape when it is cut with a pair of wire cutters. All illegal immigrants will then come with wire cutters in their back pockets.
The ditch would have to be more than an earth type ditch (concrete)as it would erode with the weather and also be too easy to dig into with a shovel for an easier slope or steps.
The wire cutters are used again on the fence itself.
Now, all the immigrants need is a pair of wire cutters and a shovel and we are stuck with a continual repair of the whole barrier.
I am not an Engineer so I don't have any ideas as to what kind of fence to build but I am sure that any illegal immigrant will surely think about the wire cutter and shovel.

At Sun Dec 04, 05:19:00 AM 2005, Blogger dave said...

The "smoothed strip of sand to detect footprints" indicates that the designer knows that the barbed wire, ditch, and fence will all be overrun by immigrants or else there would be no need for the strip of sand. This design is doomed from the start.
I still think another design is needed.

At Thu Dec 15, 01:59:00 PM 2005, Blogger Fence Blogger said...

Poor Vicente Fox is upset at the prospect of having a fence between Mexico and the United States. He says that it's a disgrace and a violation of immigrants' rights. Last I knew, illegal immigrants didn't have rights in this country. If they want rights, they need to make tracks in a southerly direction... back home!

At Thu Dec 15, 03:29:00 PM 2005, Blogger Pangea said...

In that case set up a border around the whole United States so that we stop getting Philipinos, Europeans, and every one else. This isn't our land everyone was an immigrant at one point or another, if anything we should be trying to help fix the problems in that country so that they wont have a reason to come over. Get our troops out of Iraq and help our actual Neighbors!!!

At Tue Apr 11, 11:44:00 PM 2006, Blogger MICHAEL HARWIG said...

To build fence use the 33% of the population in prison that are illegal imigrants to work building it. to pay for it use the proceeds from confiscated buisnesses that hire illegals after we sieze thier assets and auction them off

At Sat Apr 22, 03:17:00 PM 2006, Blogger ramjack said...

After working for 20 years as a computer analyst I found my work being shipped overseas. Of course that is another topic. Back to the immigration debate.

I got tired of sitting around doing nothing for months. My son builds mult-million homes here in Texas. So I ask him if there was anything I could do. I am 64 years old with a pacemaker installed, but he gave me a job cleaning up the construction sites.

So for two months last summer in 100 degree heat I worked beside many illegal aliens. If found them to be very nice plesant people. I brought fried chicken for lunch and they brought burritos. We shared our lunches under the oak trees and tried to communicate. Still have several friends from those days, some are illegal, some are not.

My son paid me $8 per hour. One day I ask him how much he paid the illegal Mexican workers. He replied "$4 - $5 per hour". So I ask why he paid me $8 per hour. His response was "You are my dad".

This tells me that there a thousands of jobs being taken from those American that are still willing to work.

My son could and would pay higher wages, but until his competition is forced to do so, he can't afford to.

Build the FENCE!!!!

At Sun May 28, 01:03:00 PM 2006, Blogger JDR said...

After reading the hate messages posted on this blog, I thought I accidentally logged on to the KKK homepage. Do y'all understand why Mexicans and people from Latin America are trying to get into the USA? Because countries such as yours made them the way they are by exploiting them and their resources. Doesn't it seem strange that one of the most prosperous countries on the planet is located next to one of the poorest regions?

And it terms of building a fence along the Canadian border... go ahead. Contrary to what many people in the US think, there aren't hundreds of people flocking to your country from the north. And George Bush probably couldn't find his way through the fence, so we'd all feel safer up here... and keep your guns at home while your at it!


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